14 years in music – Let’s celebrate Becca

14 years in music – Let’s celebrate Becca

The Ghanaian music industry is a difficult one to navigate, especially for a female musician, and for Becca to not only survive, but also to remain relevant in a field with ineffective processes and institutions, she deserves to be praised.

How Becca Started Her Music Career

Thanks to the brilliance of Kiki Banson, who guided Becca to become one of Africa’s most appealing brands, Ghana and the rest of the globe were introduced to her bold, engaging voice in 2007.

Becca established herself as one of the most powerful forces in Ghanaian music with her debut hit, You Lied To Me, and she has parlayed that success into additional successful efforts that have seen her name become household.

Becca’s great entrance into Ghanaian music was not just about her singing; it was also about her sophisticated sex appeal, which was brilliantly handled by her management, Kiki, in ensuring her sound and image stick in the minds of Ghanaians.

The objective was also to make her a consummate entertainer, capable of commanding a live performance, which she does with such class, finesse, and expertise that she has become one of Ghana’s top live performers for the past 14 years.

Ascend To Critical Acclaim And Acclaim

It takes a lot of effort and persuasion to get a legend like Hugh Masekela to appear on an unknown artist’s album, let alone go on tour with her – but Kiki and Becca made it happen.

Kiki’s EKB Label did the legwork, and all Becca had to do was use her voice to persuade the famed South African musician.

She is one of Ghana’s few highly regarded performers, and in her ten years in the industry, she has seen and done it all: sold-out concerts, sponsorship deals, and several awards, to name a few.

She founded a rescue organization to gather donations for HIV/AIDS-affected children in Ghana, and she was named a UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador in 2014.

Becca was named one of Ghana’s official ambassadors for the 2014 FIFA World Cup by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, an agreement that landed her in front of a Probing Commission entrusted with investigating alleged wrongdoings at the tournament.

Becca has won a National Youth Achievers Award, multiple Ghana Music Awards, and the 4Syte TV Music Video Awards, as well as the Kora Award. Becca was ranked 94th in E.tv Ghana’s 2013 list of Ghana’s 100 Most Influential Personalities.Becca

Controversies about Becca’s Career

Photo of Becca

If you aren’t talked about and don’t generate headlines as an entertainer or celebrity, you are nobody, but Becca has been a “someone” for the past ten years and has had her fair share of issues.

She made the news in 2006, despite the fact that no one knew who she was. Her shocking resignation from Ghana’s most popular music reality show at the time, TV3’s “Mentor II,” on the grounds that her civil rights had been violated was unprecedented.

It was virtually the ideal approach to announce her public debut: strike a powerful firm with a real lawsuit and take advantage of the opportunity to begin her career – wonderful plan!

Becca, on the other hand, was rocked by possibly one of the largest controversies in the industry in the recent 14 years in 2012. Her father publicly rebuked the singer and her former manager for attempting to fabricate a marriage between them, and the story was widely publicized for several weeks.Biography of Becca

For the duration of the scandal, Becca was kept out of the spotlight, and it took some time, guidance, and perseverance to get her back on track.

International Appearance

Becca’s international commercial dominance has been astounding. For the past ten years, no Ghanaian musician has been able to command such international acclaim.

Since her debut in 2007, she has worked with a variety of artists like Hugh Masekela, 2face Idibia, M.I, Uhuru, and Patoranking, as well as sharing the stage with Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

Becca has always made it look easy, commanding a significant presence on the defunct Channel O, MTVBase, Trace Africa, and Sound City, among others, during an era when Ghanaian artistes were unable to command a strong presence on international music networks.

Her brand transcends the shores of Ghana, as her image and music are well known on the international market.

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