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16 Important Things To Know As A Knust Student To Prepare For The Continuation Of The Semester

On Tuesday, April 7, 2020, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology published a memo to college provosts in accordance with a meeting held to discuss the way forward to guarantee the continuity of academic work.

16 measures put in place to facilitate teaching and learning

Deployment of Lecture notes online

1. Lecturers are entreated to officially upload all outstanding lecture notes/course materials to the virtual classroom, latest Friday, April 10, 2020.

2. Same materials should be deployed to class representatives using social media platforms (WhatsApp, email, Facebook, etc) for onward submission to students

3. Students having difficulties assessing the materials will have to refer to KNUST Regional Learning centres (IDL centres)

4. Arrangements have been made with Vodafone Ghana and MTN for lecturers’ access URL website and use zoom to record their lectures for free.

5. TEK-TV to be used to support the broadcasting of teaching and learning of core courses for Knust students and core subjects for Senior High School Students.

6. Assessments of StudentsLecturers are to give WRITTEN assignments to students through the virtual classroom and other social media platforms by the end of April 2020.

7. Lockdown period should be considered as a summer vacation for all universities so that academic work will continue without further vacation.

8. The university could reopen in the middle of May should the COVID-19 situation improve.

9. The academic year (2019/2020) could also end by July should we reopen in May, however, the arrival of students as expressed will be to complete the semester and write examinations (as COVID-19 conditions improve). This arrangement will, however, fit in the overall agenda of the country.

10. The undergraduate thesis may be accepted in the form of Long Essays but for those in sciences and applied sciences etc. who already have data can start writing out the chapters and submit to supervisors.

11. Postgraduate students are advised to submit their work, chapter by chapter to their supervisors through e-mail or the virtual classroom.

12. Knust will not use the conduct of entrance examinations to admit prospective students into the university.

13. The university is, however, proposing September 2020 for WASSCE examinations in order to deal with all associated challenges.

How To Plan for Students To Come Back To School

14. Knust advadviseat the government should establish protocols for students to return to campus safely whenever the need be.

15. Technical committees set up by the Colleges are to provide telephone numbers to enable students to call for clarifications and additional information when necessary.

16. However, these arrangements are subject to improved COVID-19 conditions.


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