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5 Ways To Identify A Witch

An actual witch may be a person of any gender (male or female) who has supernatural abilities to consciously go beyond the realms of the physical world. However, a witch practices witchcraft.

There are also types of witchcrafts practiced all over the world among the six or seven continents.

Witchcraft practiced in each continent may differ.

Since there are types of witchcrafts, there are also common traits or behaviours that you must know to identify someone secretly practicing the craft.

In other cases, a natural witch may not know of his or her capabilities unless prompted. These people might have such traits whilst they might know.

Here’s what you must know.

1. They are illusional

A conscious witch and an unconscious witch exhibit his or her ability to visualize things to the extreme. They see visions or premonitions like any other normal person imagines scenarios but theirs tend to happen in real life, just as it was or something related to that.

2. They have good memories

Precisely, witches who practice the craft have supernatural and higher vibrations that aids them recall past events. They can tell you about your past experiences in life, we often call them, Divination Witches, because they dive into time through divinity.

3. They have low self-esteem

Witches are vulnerable these days because of how society treats them. A witch may likely not reveal his or herself easily unless necessary. People are likely to point hands at them if they reveal their capabilities instead, they hide their abilities. If a witch is good at doing a particular thing, it will be harder for them to exhibit it in public.

4. They like to do new things

A witch is always keeps herself or himself busy so either wouldn’t be influenced by external forces. They are likely to participate in activities that can fill their free periods or leisure hours. If a witch is conscious about her or his abilities and always idle, forces are likely to manipulate their actions positively or negatively. This may lead to self-conflict or mental hallucinations.

5. They are secretive

According to a study, most people accused of witchcraft are less talkatives; they are hardly convinced to confess their crafting abilities.

However, they can hold informations that is on demand at a time . They are good at holding or keeping answers to mysteries.

The contents of this article was analyzed based on research. Don’t be quick to judge anyone with these traits listed and explained them. Make sure you have an accurate evidence before considering the article.


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