All You Need To Know About The Free Data Analysis Workshop

Do you know Data Analysis plays a major role in your Final year thesis (Project work)?

Are you aware students gain bad grades because they can not explain clearly their method of data analysis to their assessors?

Do you know the number of tools for data analysis available to use when analyzing your data?

Do you know the appropriate tool to use to analyze your data?

Do you know SPSS is the most common tool for data analysis but students pay thousands to people to help them analyze their data because they never had an opportunity of learning how to use it?

If your answer to the above questions is NO, then worry not.

Abdul-Razak Gadafi is bringing on Nyankpala campus a team of ICT consultants and Dr. Osman Damba who is a lecturer at the Faculty of Agribusiness and Communication Sciences as the guest speaker for the training on;

  1. Tools of data analysis
  2. Comparative analysis of various tools
  3. When to use each tool
  4. Deep education on SPSS

As the saying goes, the earlier you learn the more perfect you become and had I known is always at last. Grab this chance to learn and also have a knowledge which you can not escape as a tertiary student( Degree, Masters, Ph.D.).

The date for the training is on 25, January, 2020 and the venue is the main campus auditorium.

All these packages come with no cost to participants, all you need either your laptop or your notebook.

A certificate will only be issued upon a request by the participant.