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Ghanaian actor, writer and author Isaac Kofi Arthur has pulled out of the 5th Edition of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ)’s Eminence awards. (Author: Beyond The Grave | My Companion).

In a short interview with the actor, writer (author) who believes things hasnt been done right, he said….

“It has come to my notice that the 5th Edition of the Ghana Institute Of Journalism (GIJ)’s Eminence Awards Scheme which is held annually to reward hardworking individual students is not organised on fair grounds.”

“My reason for saying this is when news reached me from the organisers at the latter part of the competition that votes can actually be purchased by an individual or nominee to vote for themselves rendering the public’s voting irrelevant”.

“My question is, if one can buy bulk votes to catapult themselves to victory, then that’s not a clear reflection of what the public actually decided through their voting and the awards are not given on proper merits and public recognition of one’s hardwork.”

“With this research and information gathered, I have come to realise that bulk number of votes which are 800 votes were purchased by my competitor whom initially sat at 0 votes as at the time I was leading with 435 votes all this while based on public voting. This bulk votes system which he took advantage of has clearly put him above me now leading the polls.”

“I feel it’s not the right thing to do and I feel uncomfortable about the purchase of the bulk votes. It renders the whole process unfairly organised.”

“Being someone who has always been transparent and accountable in everything I do, I feel it is not in the right direction and encourages corruption.” I could have also done same with the bulk voting but it’s a practice of corruption which I am strongly against.”

“I feel so uncomfortable to be attached to such an award scheme with this new discovery about the whole process.”

“I therefore pull out from the category STUDENT AUTHOR OF THE YEAR of the awards scheme and wish all competitors the very best of luck.”

“I feel the right process and criteria to determine who really deserve the “Student Author Of The Year hasn’t been used.”

“I apologise to all my fans who have spent their credits through voting for me but it’s for the betterment pulling out to protect my brand and image.”

“With that said, I humbly pull out from the 5th Edition of the GIJ EMINENCE awards.”

Thank You.

Isaac Kofi Arthur

ActorWriter (Author) | Pr Practitioner.

Question: So how do people get their monies they used to vote back?

Answer: That’s why I rendered apology in my write up. I dont think they will get it back. It’s gone. In moving forward, I will never take part or accept to be part of any award scheme that involves public & bulk voting here in Ghana or elsewhere in the world 🙏🏾🇬🇭🔥✔️ . Any award that doesnt follow suit proper order of presentation like the academy’s Oscar’s, I am not interested. If it is awarded based on merits and hardwork, that’s cool I can accept such award.

What do you think about the Actor/Author’s decision?

Drop your comment in the comment box below…

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