Breaking News:Knust Suspend all academic activities untill further notice

Coronavirus:Ghana Government impose travel ban,Close down schools and public gatherings indefinitely(Full Video)


Knust Src writes

In view of issues that has transpired within this few hours pertaining to COVID-19, the SRC has positioned itself in prioritising the concerns and interest of KNUST students.
The school has listened to our concerns and all seems positive for the benefit of our entire students.

All academic activities, most especially the imminent midsemester examination, has been suspended until further notice in order to monitor and study the environment  before any further decisions are made.

Upon the release of Management’s address to students, it has come to our notice  that the President will be addressing the whole nation at 10:00pm and as such the University  ma5 deemed it fit to wait for the President’s address before releasing their statement.

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