UCC Matriculates 8,753 fresh students

Breaking News:Robbers Ransack UCC; Two Students Shot(Video)

Robbers Ransack UCC; Two Students Shot

Continuing students of UCC have been attacked by armed men this very moment with two students shot.

The security issue on campus seems not to be any better after the management resorted to a campus-wide CCTV coverage.

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Almost every year, during examination week, robbers who are known to be town folks take advantage of innocent students and do away with their valuables costing hundreds of cedis.

Just last week, several female students residing at the diaspora (surrounding towns) were being raped.

The University of Cape Coast, is a University campus with about 3 Towns embedded in its boundaries have fought issues with security since time immemorial.

It has been the SRC for the last year’s who has advocated for increased security presence on campus during exams period and over the years this has paid off.

As it stands, students have been on campus for almost two months without student leadership.

Who will advocate for these challenges to be mitigated.

For students writing exams to cry for safely on campus is not too much to ask for.

What’s the role of the Divisional Police Command in this?

Does management care at all?

What’s the role of the Campus Broadcasting Corporation (ATL FM)?

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