Season 1
Episode 10
So she succeeded in pulling me inside her room…kweh this Girl was ????really in the mood.. All this Time I was ????mute… Then she pushed me on her couch and sat on me… ????…eeii my Dick????started feeling the pressure ..then she was using her ????️fingers to pass by my ????ears and into my ????hair.. Chai I felt like ???????????? doing It at once you barb… Then she held me by the neck and ????????kissed me.. Then she continued ????..kweh, my body start Dey do me like something.. Then she slowly put her hand down ????der and grabbed my ????Dick???? ????…WTF I was damn paralysed… Just then my ????phone started ringing (you Dey kai that my ????bomb nu????)then I pushed her away and took off(now that Is a mega super branding) ???? was my mom that called but I didn’t pick anyway…. Then another call came.. Who could this ????be.. Lemme check norr MA phone off????????????????kpla just like that, no ⚠️warning.. Yawa kroaa.. Wey I go put am for charge.. E charge small naa wey I switched it on… Small time then it started ringing.. Guess who????my old time Paddy (CHARLES LINCOLN) Charley this my Paddy be fam since childhood and he was also loaded ????????with the block ….he said he wanted to come over and know where I stayed… So we spent some minutes ???? and finally got of the ????phone …mhernn I had to ???? cause I was ????exhausted… Then the morning came… ???? ah..what Kind of sleep is that… Well it happened already… Then my ????phone started to ring and Guess who it was this time (the slay girl????‍????)

Let’s find out in the next episodes of campus fila???? the conversation between that girl and I

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Anyam Collins
Caroluxhunter67@gmail. Com

Edited by;
David Yeboah (Exsqua)

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