Season 1
episode 6
Now it’s all left to the girl????‍????,wether she’ll apologise or keep the same ????flame.. Not knowing Jeff was her classmate back in SHS but I had no idea and she as well… So she saw Jeff???? on Tuesday evening and approached him… She asked of his opinion on what to do but she never said anything to portray that she was the girl????‍???? who made me???? *PETER PAN*…Then Jeff adviced her to apologise but to do it in a very polite way.. She didn’t like the idea of saying sorry but as much as she wasn’t comfortable with the whole situation she has to…. Because of her ego she couldn’t go around asking people ????‍????‍????‍????for my address ????or location she was just there.. Kpakparakpa like mahogany ????tree waiting for me to come to lectures So that she could do her thing and get on with it ….unfortunately ,I had some documents to fill concerning my course So that day I misssd lectures which was on Wednesday…. Hmm, four days in the ????hostel with Jeff and Kings felt i knew them for ever.. Suddenly Jeff started???? talking ????about his classmate bi wey dem plete SHS… As I said he was super fine and there was no night that we don’t ????hear
*moans of ecstasy* from his room.. The girls be like “”mamaye mama, ayii, agyeii, awo laa, ????OMG ”
????????..sometimes I find it very hard to ????sleep with all this moans in ????️my head.. On the other hand Kings to Dey play Ruff Ruff kweh!! But he likes playing away games????????..the only girl that he allows to come over is his girlfriend ????apart from her no one else…. Charley pressure come barb me secof ano get kontrol ????????wey ano get shoddy too ????????‍♂.. On thursday I was fit but the scratches were yet to heal.. So as I entered the class wey some girls start dey do me unlooking but dem Dey ????smile wey me to smile back but not too much.. Don’t forget I dont joke when it comes to learning activities…. Then I went to sit in the last desk at the back where no one was… Just then nor the slay girls????‍???? too come ketch wey the other friend come tap the same desk inside plus me wey she greet..

We atake nor I see say she Dey smile kweh!! But MA mind didn’t ????think far kroaa???? it took some minutes before the lecturer came and I noticed that the slay girl nu the one wey cause the whole ????drama Dey spy my direction but am sure is because of her friend… The lecturer come Dey talk bunch tey me saf I come bore ????just then he had a ????phone ????call and he closed for the day.. I was just about to stand when the slay girls friend nu the one who sat by me tapped my shoulders and kept on ????smiling then she introduced herself as Angelina and she wants to be my friend ????wow.. Then I replied ohk then you are my friend but I didnt tell her my name oo… So while I was leaving she was like hey new friend aren’t you going to tell me your name then I smiled and said my name is *Anyam Collins*..then I went.. If you had seen the look on the other slay girls face erhn.. ????nothing will tell you e pain am ????????


Anyam Collins

Edited by;
David Yeboah (Exsqua)

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