Campus Filla ????
Season 2
Episode 12
Remember Vida slept over ,yeah she woke me up around 5:50pm to prepare for the quiz..
Vida : Collins, Collins, collinss
Collins : Mmm mm, yes
Vida : wake up and learn or you ll go and bomb
I was still sleeping???? when she went to fetch cold water from the fridge and poured exactly between my ass ????…so I woke up and quickly rushed to the boathouse to freshen as I was done i was almost running late and Vida said she ain’t got lectures so she’ll stay over..ahn well ,make your self at home
Kwerh come see the way man dey boot like Usain bolt⚡.by the time I reached the class I was all wet like I swam with clothes (oh yawa oo) ????.by the time I grabbed my sit beside Angie norrr boom????the lecturer come ketch class.
Lecture : Park and send all mobile phones???? and electronic gadgets out of the class and get sited. So ,as we sat then Angie gave me thumbs up????????..
( Anka if you know what is going to happen you’ll keep your thumbs down ????) naa I said that in my head . The lecturer finally gave the question scripts out and Boom ???????? the devil has done it again
Charley, the guy ein head tron ruff…most of the question were based on the days I missed class but there was something unusual going on …I saw Emily smiling beautiful to the paper that even the shark of the class was frowning too..
Collins : Angie
Angie : mm
Collins : I think Emily has apor oo
Angie : and so mind your business ????
Man,girls demma head hard oo nonono so Angie started communicating. With Emily in silent tone cause that lecturer eehn if he gets you naa straight you going to refer …so Angie had answers from Emily and I decided to dab and giraffe on Angies paper… the girl cover the whole paper plus ein body laa ohw ???? she no wan make I spy a tip saf..then blast
Lecturer : you have about some 5 minutes to stop work
Chineke!!! no. Rep nothing oo
So I started forging some formulae and doing some basabasa calculations then Boom
Opana say stop work ..????????oh Charley this one dier ego MA top
So I handed my script over to him like that I left the class secof the girls all dey bore me especially Angie
On my way to the hostel I met the parrot again
Kings : yo man
Collins : yh,wassup
Kings : I hear say you menes get some quiz today
Collins: yeah, who wey flow you
Kings : naa the girls wey dey talk oo them say you go flop potorrr….
Collins : Herh, you then this your mouth eehn ago punch am one day
Kings : but enor be me wey talk eehn Ebi them wey talk ????????????????
So I left him and upon reaching my hostel I had a phone call, and guess who it was BOOM????
My mom

To be continued in the next episodes of Campus fila ???? The branding lives…

Anyam Collins
Caroluxhunter67@gmail. Com

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