Season one
Episode 3
WTF.. is already in the morning ????..and that is Monday so I have to rush to lectures and I can’t afford shooting on my first day????..then I quickly rushed to the washroom to freshen up . I can’t spoil the branding ????????Abi u barb????..I CAME out of the wash room only to see Jeff ????and Kings ???????? all dressed and you could tell these ain’t no regular wears????????????…I studied accounting in SHS like wise Jeff and Kings but we had different departments due to the course we’ve been offered..charley the pressure Wey I feel as I see the way MA paddies shada erhn ????????‍♂I was confused on what to wear and how, but I just overlooked it secof I know say If I follow these guys hmmm????…so we all left for lectures and took our separate ways.

On reaching my class,there was this gal????????‍♀ with independent booty???? and looking like ( Miley Cyrus )DAMN !!! “This gal is fine” I said that to myself but I didn’t speak a word to her . Hmm, my phone ????was an itel bomb(itel 1508)and bringing it out was a problem so I looked to the left and then to the right and quickly took it out and switched to silent ????so still Adey maintain the branding cos I don’t show fake ????????..then I entered the class and took my sit after which another two gals ????‍???? came ..eeii ????????‍♂ them slay ruff ruff..kweh MA esteem just disappeared ????there nor the lecturer come drop ????????.. one of the two gals(I mean the slayers nu????‍????☂) upon all the sits in the class guess where she came to sit ????yep she came to sit By me Buh I was focused. when is learning time I don’t slug kroaa secof MA mommy in sweat be serious something Gimme .oh this lecturer dey talk oo nonono.

He talk Saa the period Fina say he no Wey the gal????‍????who sat by me just said…oh sir some of us are hungry ????..there nor the man say Oh OK he almost forgot????..then everyone started to leave excluding me secof I’m goin to stay and learn???????? for a while ..i can’t be broke and dump,just as every one had left I heard a phone???? ringing ☎and came it from behind me..eish the slay????‍???? gals pic was on it

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