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CANaRSA TRATECH has unveiled an official exquisite logo which will be used for all official duties undertaken by the TRATECH Committee.

Beneath the logo reads “A New Innovative Era” which depicts the readiness of the aforementioned committee to bring on board numerous innovative ideas to give a facelift to CANaRSA. According to  Master Shadow Enoch Detlef, Chairperson of the committee, the committee is poised and ever ready to put CANaRSA on the technology front with it’s various innovations in the pipeline. He urges all students of CANaRSA to fasten their seatbelts as the committee is about to take the college on a technological adventure which would be unprecedented in the college’s history.

As their name implies, CANaRSA – TRATECH core mandate is to sensitize members of CANaRSA on the need to add modern technology to Agric in order to maximise Agro- based income. The committee would therefore train members of the college to have the Agro-Tech mindset and generate income so they can also be on par with the rest of the world technologically.

Stay tuned for more updates on this development.

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