Check How Hypeghnewsroom Twitter Followers Solved This BODMAS Question

What is BODMAS?

BODMAS is an acronym or mnemonic used to help pupils remember the correct order to complete mathematical calculations .

What does BODMAS mean?

Each letter stands for a mathematical operation.

When you complete a mathematical number sentence involving several different operations then BODMAS helps you to know which order to complete them in. Anything in Brackets should be completed first, then the orders, followed by any division or multiplication and finally addition or subtraction.

Division and Multiplication have been grouped together as they are of the same level; this means that if you have a calculation involving division and multiplication then you complete them as they appear from left to right. This is the same for addition and subtraction; they are completed as they appear from left to right.

As part of we getting in touch with our twitter followers , a mathematical question was tweeted


Their Answers

The People’s Republic @thepeoples_rep      100!

Dr. Anderson @ChristianNtiful        0
@_driplord_     –80
kwame @paplarbi    100
Cärol Ojala @ojala_carol       -80
O_O   @itsaodesu         -80
JunkoFunko  @hjunky97    -80
Abishek Nayyar  @abisheknayya-80
Markinn   @boamponggg1    100
KVNG OF TWITT3R Crown  @Asikpo16   10
அகராதி @agarathi1  10
CARLOS @Carlos125s    10
Manny.manuelClinking glasses  @98fiifi   -80
vanders 2️⃣2️⃣   @IainvanderRee      -80
Daddy Naetochukwu  @MrEbukss   80

BOY BETTER KNOW  @Humphreydaves   0
White heartSilverLineCody @codyvaley 10
Dompebwoy @KhojoDompe 10
Farfan @kidi_kofi -80
Dany Dan’s???? @Dany1Souami 100!
Nathan Boomsma @NathanBoomsma 10

@Tornyeli_Mombin Herrhh, EC needs you 

Let’s solved it together using the BODMAS approach since involves several different operations

Brackets (      ) There is no Bracket
Orders/Others There is no ‘order’ or ‘Of’
Division: ÷  There is no division
Multiplication: x  10+(-10*10)+10=10-100+10
Addition: +  10+(-100+10)= 10-90
Subtraction: – 10-90=



Therefore the final answer is -80

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