Committing Suicide is Committing Suicide in the Hereafter – By Imoro Abdul Rahim

This morning, I woke up thinking of my plans to carry out for the day. Unfortunately I received a news of the sudden demise of a student who unfortunately committed suicide.

It is important as Christians and Muslims to demonstrate in our every day life the moral codes that defines how we live our lives.

Before you think of suicide, think about the problem first and ask yourself, are you the only one with that problem??? Use this to console yourself. This can keep you strong.

Is it relationship matters or money issues be patient and allow your moral upbringing to work.

Reflect about the God you serve and you would come to say no to committing suicide.

According to Islam, the Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) said “if someone commit suicide, they will continue to kill themselves on the day of judgment”.

This means that if you kill yourself by hanging, on the day of judgment, you will hang yourself to death, resurrect, and hang yourself again to death till eternity.

Similarly, if you commit suicide by taking Poison, you will keep taking the poison, and the same punishment will be repeated.

It appears that there are some people too when others discuss their problems with them, they take them as a joke and further escalate the issue, making their friends more frustrated and more depressed.

If someone discusses a problem with you on any issue, feel free to listen to them and offer your advice to console them. Just listen to them and help them overcome their worries. Don’t say “ooo you too this small thing and you are worried”.

This can make a person more frustrated and depressed.

Those who Commit suicide, research has shown that it is due to loneliness. So by virtue of this, people may commit suicide if they don’t have trustworthy people to talk to when they have issues bothering them.

As I bring this piece to an end, I entreat myself and you to have people to discuss issues with if you have any problem. Don’t discuss problems with the hope of getting a perfect solution but discuss your problems with others with the hope to secure their companionship and peace of mind…

Talking about the Problem is a way to reduce frustration and depression. Don’t keep the issue to yourself otherwise, you may explode in no time.

Written by:

Imoro Abdul Rahim

Executive Director of Infinite Research Institute