Current Knust SRC Administration to Continue as An Interim Administration

In a recent release by the SRC of Knust indicates that, the incumbent SRC executives can run as an interim administration. The statement was signed by the current SRC President, Master Adu -Baah Charles.

According to him, this decision made by the SRC is the best in the interest of the students due to the outbreak of Covid-19 which won’t allow proper and fair way of conducting the impending election. Therefore, the current administration is backed by a CI to continue their work.

He also added, elections will be held properly when school resumes. His main reason was because, conducting the election online or by delegates voting won’t be credible enough and also may cause a lot of confusion.

Meanwhile, some SRC Presidential aspirants have expressed disgust to the decision made by the current SRC. According to them, most students have shown interest in voting online and as such, an online voting decision should have been made by the EC. Therefore, since the SRC didn’t consider the students preference but went on to make such a decision, some aspirants believe  SRCthe current is incompetent enough in addressing students issues but use power to make any decision on their own. Thus, they condemn the SRC totally.

Moreover, though the SRC claims it involved several stakeholders in making such decision, some aspirants have complained that they were not approached or involved in the decision made which makes it improper since they are the centre of the elections.

The decision has therefore called for confusion among students.

Background: The Knust election 2020 was scheduled to take place on 26th of March, 2020 but had to be postponed indefinitely due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. A presidential order was given to close down all schools effective 16th of March, 2020 which brought about the postponement.

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