What is Dating

DATING: What It Is And Its Stages

Today, the newest spice of life is dating. The publication talk about what is dating and its stages.

What is Dating?

Dating refers to a stage or a form of romantic courtship between two individuals where they each assess the other’s suitability as a partner in a future intimate relationship. This period involves the romantic time these two people spend together, either alone or with friends. In dating, there is no commitment necessarily involved unless the person is considered special. Dating is all about different choices and has no long-term attachments. In short, dating has no strings attached yet carries a promise to explore the relationship. As time goes on, this dating period evolves into the stage we term as a relationship.

In a relationship, there is trust and mutual agreement. Communication is quite effective and each makes adjustments and sets priorities that suit the other partner. During dating, both partners explore each other’s interests and if everything is okay, they settle for a deeper relationship, else they part ways. In dating, there are five stages. Every couple goes through these stages.

5 Stages In Dating


This zone is a zero commitment phase. In this stage, partners get to know each other but are free to date other people as well. Physical contact is limited and there lies a desire to know one another intimately.


During this phase, there is a relevant change towards each other. Above all other previous and current partners, a specific partner is given more attention than the others.


At this stage, the foundation of a solid relationship is established as both partners begin to settle into each other’s routines and are identified to be one.


The couple becomes very close as expectations, objectives, and goals are discussed. They develop ideas towards becoming one as a family and there is great intimacy between the two partners.


The final stage of dating is engagement. This is the climax of the relationship which gives birth to a new life together.

Difference Between Dating And Relationships

Dating helps us find very suitable partners with whom we can settle down. Dating does not always work on the first try. It takes a lot of effort to see this through. For couples dating, there are several books on dating.

Examples are the famous book by Steve Harvey titled, ‘Act like a lady, Think like a man’ and by Ben Stuart who wrote ‘Single, Dating, Engaged and Married’. You can take your relationship from this period to a better and deeper level. Take a stand today.


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