Final Year University Student Kills Himself Over Inability to Graduate Since 2016

Samuel Elias, a 25-year-old gentleman who is pursuing BSc in Religion and Cultural Studies, killed himself over his inability to graduate since 2016.

Sources have said he took his own life by taking in poisonous substance at his family’s house in Justina Eze Street, Nsukka on June 17.

The mother of the deceased, Kate, told the Press that her son was not of himself on the day he committed suicide. She divulged that she noticed Elias was upset throughout the day, she tried to find out reason but he ignored her. [irp]

After all her attempts to get him talk failed, she followed him to his room, it was then she noticed that he was clenching his teeth. Then suddenly, he collapsed – they tried resuscitating him by feeding him palm oil, but he was not responding.

It was then Kate found a bottle of a liquid substance; suspected to be poison he drank which triggered foam around his mouth. They rushed him to Faith Foundation Hospital in Nsukka before he was referred to Bishop Shanahan Hospital, where he passed away.

Narrating what could have influenced Elias’ decision to take his own life, the grieving mother said her son was depressed over his failure of not graduating with his mates in 2016. [irp]

He was also not happy about being abandoned by his late father’s family. Mrs Elias said, “I know two things he usually complained about: his inability to graduate from UNN since 2016 because of the project that he has not finished”

Authorities of the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) are yet to officially comment on the development. understands an official police report has been filed for investigations and a postmortem to be carried out to determine the real cause of his death; though the deceased left no suicide note to trace the cause of his action. [irp posts=”4915″ name=”A Social Studies teacher commits suicide At Busunya”]



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