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Election: FINANCIAL OFS Promises To Initiate A Covid-19 Special Support Fund to Students when Elected Into Office….

OFS Promises

FINANCIAL OFS Promises To Initiate A Covid-19 Special Support Fund to Students when Elected Into Office.

The Candidature of Osei Fosu Solomon (OFS) SRC Financial Secretary Candidate.

Master Osei Fosu Solomon (OFS) a final year student offering Agribusiness Management who not only possess experience in the field of finances but also great humanitarian ethics.

Master Osei Fosu Solomon in the quest to serve the good people of KNUST as the next financial secretary of the SRC has sent a petition to the school authorities to grant amnesty for continuing students who are affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic to register their courses and be given ample time to pay their fees.

OFS believes that every needy student in KNUST must be provided with financial support from the Ketewa Biara Nsua (KBN) from the SRC and thereby calls for a fair distribution of the KBN funds when elected into office.

Recently, Osei Fosu Solomon shared scholarship slots from an Organization(NGO) to students who are less fortunate and physically challenged. By God’s grace, some student had Scholarships.

OFS promises to initiate a COVID 19 special support fund to students affected by the COVID 19 directly or indirectly.

Osei Fosu Solomon

Osei Fosu Solomon also organized online seminars and created WhatsApp groups for students who applied for the Local Government Scholarship(SCHOLEC), which help them through the application process and interview questions. Through his seminar about 600 students have been awarded with the scholarship.

In the midst of Corona virus pandemic, this young man Led a team of old students and support his alma mater with covid-19 safety accessories and other important materials.

OFS donates Covid-19 materials

Though OFS is a just candidate for SRC Financial Secretary- KNUST but he made impacts even outside KNUST.

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