Fun positions to try out tonight!Fun positions to try out tonight!

As a Zimbabwean lady I know it’s taboo to talk about sex, yet we all know that everyone old enough to, has sex. For instance, our 87 year old president managed in his 70s to give his beautiful young wife 3 kids. I have compiled a list of sex positions you can try out with your hubby or BF tonight. “NOT for persons under 18″…

The School House Rock
First find a chair with a sturdy back, have him sit facing forward. Straddle him with your feet on the floor, slowly lowering yourself onto his erection with your knees bent at a ninety-degree angle. Once he’s fully penetrated you, begin to slowly rock back and forth.

Stand and Deliver
He remains standing and lifts you up so that you can wrap your legs around his waist. From there he’ll cup your buttock and slowly move to enter you, controlling the depth of penetration. For balance, have him stand near a bed or a wall. This position is great for women who like it when their partners are in control and have some serious upper body strength.

The Lazy Twizzler
This position is best for sleepy morning sex. Start off in spooning position, then slide one leg forward in front of you giving him access to your girly parts. He’ll maneuver his top leg between yours until you’re legs are open enough for him to penetrate you. This position allows deeper penetration and requires very little effort from either of you.

The Sexy Marionette
Stand facing a wall, as if you’re about to be strip-searched, placing both hands slightly above your head. Then slowly slide down the wall, falling forward from the waist—like a marionette with slack strings. He’ll keep you steady by holding your hips firmly, as he thrusts from behind. This position requires a little stamina and flexibility, but it well worth the effort.

The Mirror Image
Straddle his lap, facing him. Once he’s inside you, have him sit up so you’re face-to-face. Then, wrap your legs around each other’s backs and link your elbows under each other’s knees, crating a mirror image of each other. Hold on to each other tightly as roll back and forth. This position allows the two of you to be completely wrapped up in one another, stimulating all your body parts at once, and his!

Turning the Helm
While in the missionary position have him move up on his knees while he continues to thrust. Once he’s upright, he’ll pick up on one of your legs with one hand and then move it to the other, as if he’s turning the helm of a ship, until your on your side. For there he can maneuver you onto all fours. The beauty of this move is that it maintains fluidity during position transitions, and keeps you and your partner intimately connected.

The Greyhound
Lay on the bed on your stomach with your legs spread out. Have him kneel between your legs and lift you by the hips until he’s able to enter you, keeping as much of your body on the bed as possible. In essence, your entire body is being stretched out for him and the elongated angel will tighten your vagina, proving a very snug fit. For add spice, try the Rocket Greyhound by adding a small vibrator to the mix.

The Sling
Stand and face each other, then slowly lift one leg until he can slide his arm underneath it to hold it in the air. He can raise or lower his arm to make this position as comfortable and pleasurable as possible for you. If you happen to be very flexible, he can raise you leg high, possibly to his shoulder, creating a very open pose. This position gives both of you the opportunity to stoke each other for a little extra stimulation.

The Wide Angle
Have him kneel in front of you then slowly sit on him, locking you’re legs around his back. Once he’s in position, lean back. He can support you by warping one of his arms around you, with the other he can stimulate you clitoraly. This position gives you more control of rhythm and speed than missionary and t gives him a great view of your breasts a win-win for everyone

The Wheelbarrow
This an advanced position that works best when your already in the Marionette or Greyhound position. After he’s entered you from behind with his hands on your waist, have him life one of your legs or both-and rest your hand or forearms on the floor. The Wheelbarrow is incredibly erotic as allows him you see all of you at once, but can be exhausting. We recommend only holding the position for a few, or the final few, thrusts.

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