Top 7 Ghanaian celebrities who have come close to death but refused to succumb

Top 7 Ghanaian celebrities who have come close to death but refused to succumb

There hasn’t been a year in Ghana that hasn’t had a celebrity-related tragedy. Many celebrities, including Ebony Reigns, Suzy Williams, Bob Santo, Bishop Nyarko, and others, died in their prime. However, there are several Ghanaian superstars who have come close to death but have refused to succumb.

The rest of the piece goes into detail about some of these superstars and how they came dangerously near to death, stared it in the eyes, and said no, not today.

Yaw Sarpong

Yaw Sarpong, a renowned gospel musician, is one of the few Ghanaian celebrities who has been able to look death in the eyes and say, “Hell no, it’s not yet my time.” The gospel singer was sick for two years in a row and was forced to stay in bed by his illness.

When he became the leader of the gospel group Asomafo, Yaw Sarpong became a household name in Ghana’s music business. In an interview, the head of the Asomafo group revealed that the time he was bedridden was the saddest time of his life.Yaw Sarpong

When he was sick, the musician said that he sought treatment at Kumasi’s Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, but physicians there were unable to determine what was wrong with him. He was eventually transported to the 37 Military Hospital, where physicians told him that he could die at any time.

According to him, this new revelation crushed his spirit, but he looked to God for healing.

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Wayoosi has appeared in a number of local films, and he is frequently cast in comedic roles. He can be compared to the Ghanaian counterparts of Aki and Pawpaw. He has appeared in films such as “Agyeman,” “Kumasi Yonko,” “Matriki wo,” and many others.

The actor was rumored to have died in 2016, and prior to the circulation of that rumor, it was rumored that his legs had been severed. Ghanaians awoke every day to death hoaxes involving the actor.

Wayoosi at the hospital

The actor recounted his ordeal and what led to his illness, revealing that despite being ill, he traveled to Kasoa to MC a friend’s wedding. The actor stated that he began urinating blood during the event, but his wife told him that he would be fine by the end of it.

The actor was brought to True Vine Hospital after the incident, where he was referred to Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital due to a lack of blood. He went off for three days after arriving at the Garden City’s Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital’s emergency room.

Kumasi-based radio station Kessben FM announced His death . This is most likely due to what their hospital sources may have told them. Wayoosi’s health was in such bad shape that Ghana’s then-President, John Mahama, had to voice his concern. He paid his fees and asked doctors to provide the finest care possible.


Obour was involved in a horrible traffic accident shortly before winning the 2005 Hip Life Artist of the Year award, which nearly cost him his life. Obour recorded a song called “Me wu Biom” after being freed from the hospital to tell death that “he won’t die again.”Obour

Following the disaster, he created a series of songs and television spots to raise awareness about road accidents and safe driving habits.

Dadie Opanka

The song “Tie” by Dadie Opanka is well-known. The rapper’s life was on the verge of being taken when he was involved in a car accident on the N1 Highway.

Dadie Opanka
Dadie Opanka

Dadie Opanka slammed his car into a 444 car that had broken down on the highway, according to witnesses. He managed to avoid death, although he was severely injured. He wrote a gospel song to express his gratitude to God for preserving his life.

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Amakye Dede

His death, if it had occurred, would have been a devastating loss for the country, as practically every Ghanaian enjoys his music. On his way to a show, the veteran highlife performer was engaged in a horrific car accident.amakye dede accident

The good news is that, while his automobile was ruined beyond repair, he was able to maintain control of his life despite suffering terrible injuries in a car accident in Nsutam. In the accident, he lost his long-time manager.Ghanaian celebrities who have come close to death

Yaw Siki

Yaw Siki had a near-fatal accident that his survival shocked him and many. He had the accident at a time he was doing well with his hiplife music career. He attributed his survival to God and has since viewed to do God’s work by spreading the Good News and his testimonies.Yaw Siki

Nana Ama McBrown

On January 30th, 2013, Nana Ama McBrown was nearly murdered in a car accident. The actress was involved in a car accident on Accra’s N1 highway.Nana Ama McBrown accident

She was able to survive the disaster, but she was severely injured. “I swiftly pulled it, pushed back the broken bone, and gripped my wrist to guarantee I don’t lose mobility in my fingers,” she added as she described her agony. Her hand bears a large scar from the injury.

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