Ghanaians ridicule Sonnie Badu for attaining 4 academic degrees in just four months

Ghanaians ridicule Sonnie Badu for attaining 4 academic degrees in just four months

Ghanaians have raised doubts about the numerous academic qualifications acquired by musician, pastor Sonnie Badu.

The renowned musician has become a victim of public scrutiny as a lot of questions have been raised about how he was able to acquire four separate academic qualifications including professors in a period of fewer than two years.

Sonnie Badu revealed in 2020 that he has two honorary doctorate degree, a PhD, a master’s, and a bachelor’s degree.

Recently the musician posted on his official Instagram page that he had bagged a professor and dean of musicology qualification from the little known Trinity International University of Ambassadors.

An eagle-eyed Twitter user by user name “@mnm_mensa” started that he had done thorough research with Google Scholar while he has also sent Emails inquiry about the purported certificates acquired by Badu.

He says his research proved that four of his numerous academic qualifications were a scam and fraudulent.

Other persons on twitter followed questioning how one can acquire multiple academic qualifications in a spate of four months.

Sonnie Badu’s 4-month graduate certificates sparks conversation on fake Degrees

“Sonnie Badu’s Fake Degrees: A long thread. People are wondering why I’m on his case and why I’m calling him out. The case be simple. He’s an academic scam and not a victim of a scam. How did it all start? I chanced on a video where dude had earned a Professorial Cert,” how the Twitter user started his thread.

And when the Twitter ‘Anas’ seemingly exposed Sonnie Badu, he took to Instagram to clap back, saying: “Lions don’t respond to frogs”.

“When they don’t understand the frequency of your grace and you hard work behind the scenes they bring their own PHD (pull him down) LIONS DONT RESPOND TO FROGS … #DrBadu @tiuauniversity God has us ..” he captioned a photo on Instagram.


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