History of Academic City College, Ghana

History of Academic City College, Ghana

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History of Academic City College, Ghana

Academic City College was founded in 2009 as a stand-alone school in Ring Road, Accra, and was well-known for its affiliated program with Sikkim Manipal University (SMU). Academic City College graduated approximately 3,000 students from over 23 African countries over the course of nine years.

Alumni of the college have established themselves as respected professionals in Ghana and West Africa, working for reputable businesses such as multinational banks, manufacturing firms, corporate offices, government ministries, and financial institutions.

In 2017, the group realized that, in the African setting, there was a re-adjusted need for premium quality tertiary education imbued with entrepreneurial thinking, inventive problem-solving, application-based learning, and an emphasis on ethical standards. Academic City was re-positioned by the Eureka Africa company with a new purpose and a brand new campus to deliver revolutionary, modern-day higher education.

In 2008, Academic City is incorporated in Accra, Ghana and receives accreditation by the National Accreditation Board of Ghana for distance learning at Ring Road Central.

2009, The first batch of Freshman undergraduate students are admitted into BSc Information Technology and BBA Banking & Finance inaugural programs. 2012 Academic City graduates its first batch of seniors in a graduation ceremony in Accra under the SMU affiliation.

2015, The school undergoes a renewed mandate from the public and private sector to transform into a leading STEM education institute in West Africa.

2018,Academic City relocates to a world-class campus facility in Haatso, Accra with a brand new engineering department and faculty. The school recruits and admits its highest caliber of freshman students yet, offering 20 bright high school students from across Ghana with some form of a merit scholarship.]

Academic City Vision

To be a world-class center for learning, innovation and entrepreneurship that nurtures future leaders

Academic City Mission

To educate future-ready leaders who can innovatively solve complex problems within an ethical, entrepreneurial and collaborative environment.

Academic City Core Values

  1. Excellence Always striving to be the best or among the best.
  2. Integrity Always a tower of emulation and a source of ethical direction and leadership.
  3. Innovation A demonstrable commitment to seek new and exciting approaches that positively impact and advance society.
  4. Leadership An impeccable will to advance the ideals of humanity, dignity and a commitment to the vulnerable.
  5. Responsibility A commitment to accept responsibility, to exude the values of servant leadership and to be a strategic partner in the advancement of society.