With regards to the Intra semester Practicals, Ho Provincial provincial Intelligence committee chairperson Mr. Smith Baidoo Ebenezer and  the Federal Intelligence Committee chairperson Emmanuel Osei Yaw Asubonteng paid a visit to the various hospitals(Artillery Hospital, Ho municipal Hospital,Royal Hospital) at Ho municipality to check about the welfare of the student’s during the Intra semester Practicals.

As they visited the various hospital,most of the student’ voiced out their challenges and some of the benefits that they have gained through this intra semester practicals.Some of their plight includes transportation,some staff Nurses not ready to teach them,some of the Preceptors don’t come around etc.
According to the students, these intra semester Practicals has helped them to improve on their skills in their progression and also improve their Knowledge as well.
However,the committee chairpersons pen down all their concerns and assured them that,they will assiduously work hard to ensure better atmosphere and environment for their next intra semester Practicals.


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