How Emmanuel Andrews Samini married two wives in the same year and divorced them

Emmanuel Andrews Samini, better known by his stage name Samini, is a well-known Ghanaian dancehall hero who, aside from his amazing music, has been and continues to be regarded as one of the few male superstars in Ghana whom every woman wishes to date. There is a report about a woman who claims that simply seeing Samini makes her sexually excited.

Samini’s characteristic has formed and created a particular perception of him. Some say he’s just a ladies’ man, while others claim he has eleven wives, and yet others claim he’s perfected the art of using and dumping women. Today, we’ll take a look at the sex life and history of musical legend Samini.

The irony of Samini’s marriage life, which hit the headlines years ago, was not about his marriage to two different women but how he went about it. In between two years, the musician engaged two ladies. In February 2011, Samini got married to Mercy Geker, mother of his daughter, Yelisun Samini in London. At the time, Samini was already engaged to Christian Aboagye Mensah, a Ghanaian-based in Canada and the mother of his daughters Toyila Samini and Ayana Samini, unbeknownst to Mercy Geker.Samini’s marriage life

His marriage to Mercy brought about various concerns which developed conceptions as to why the young educated Ghanaian woman ‘Mercy Geker’ with a good profession would stoop so low to become a second wife of Batman Samini in this contemporary society. Many tagged her as a desperate ‘born one’ woman who after having a baby with a star, proceeded to tie him down with marriage despite the fact that Samini was already engaged.Samini marriage to Mercy

After days and years, the Award-winning Ghanaian Afro-Reggae musician, Batman Samini confirmed that he married two ladies at a very young age with the perception that he was doing the honourable thing of marrying all the mothers of his children. The ladies, after a while, did not agree to the arrangement of being married to the same man and the circumstances of the marriages, so the ladies decided to call it quit.

There was rumour in 2011 that Samini had married a third wife, but the 2006 MOBO Awards winner denied that it was not true he married a new wife. The musician disputed that claim and later revealed that he was officially registering his marriage to his first wife Christiana Aboagye Mensah in a low profile ceremony which took place at the Registrar Generals Office in Accra in the presence of their children.

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