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How the fashion set is tackling ‘layering’ this season, from jewelry to wrapped ankles and ‘drousers’

How the fashion set is tackling ‘layering’ this season, from jewelry to wrapped ankles and ‘drousers’

How the fashion set is tackling ‘layering’ this season, from jewelry to wrapped ankles and ‘drousers’

If you thought layering was exclusively about cardigans and coats, you maybe been living in the dark ages. Or, at least, your teenage wardrobe…

Over the last few seasons, the fashion set have taken to the concept like an Olympic sport, constantly out-smarting one another with *more* layers in unexpected formations.
And, what with the upcoming – largely ‘virtual’ – festive season, now is the perfect time to experiment with different levels of layering before braving them in the real world.
Here are the six layering techniques to get on board with alongside this season’s trends…

The Double Coat

A relatively self-explanatory one… This layering style is not one for the faint-hearted.
It’s also not one for a balmy afternoon, but rather better saved for those days that there’s a real chill.
It’s even viable once winter is over, via a coat-atop-a-jacket situation as opposed to coat-on-coat.

2. The Long Sleeve

Possibly one of the most-common layering techniques, the long-sleeve – whether a roll-, round-, or V-neck – is one of those underrated pieces that renders almost all of your summer dresses viable autumn/winter pieces.
And, contrary to popular believe, it doesn’t necessarily make them look more casual. A fitted black roll-neck beneath a mini dress paired with boots works perfectly.

3. The Multi-Chain

Yep, layering has made its way into our jewellery boxes. And while it may look as though the fashion set are haphazardly throwing the entire contents of theirs on at once, there is actually a very finely-curated art when it comes to necklaces.
All chains must be of varying lengths – preferably of relative gradients – and ideally of different style.

4. The Drousers

Okay we made up this word, but it’s essentially just a dress over trousers – and it’s becoming increasingly popular for those days where the weather is not quite sure what it’s doing.
Dress hemlines must be mid-length but that’s about it in terms of rules and regs. Shirt dresses work particularly well, as the lower-half buttons can be left undone and flowing, making the look feel less heavy thanks to the peek of leg as you walk.

5. The Ankle Wraps

One of the more directional layering techniques, ankle-wrapping is a trend to have emerged in a big way over the the last couple of seasons.
The must-have ingredients constitute a strappy sandal and wide-leg trouser and, unlike the more traditional trouser-over-sandal look, the sandal straps wrap *around* the trouser leg to create a contemporary cuff.

6. The Shrobe

One of the classics of more recent times, the ‘shrobe’ sees a sweatshirt draped over the shoulders and often tied together at the arms in a look reminiscent of the way we’d wrap them around our waists as teenagers.
What was once a merely practical move as a way of carrying a spare jumper whilst keeping yourself hands-free, the shrobe has become a very deliberate outfit addition in itself, with the layered sweatshirt adding a certain chic aloofness

Got it? Layering lesson adjourned.

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