How To Be A First Class Student In University

Easy Guide : How To Be A First Class Student In University

How to Be a First Class Student in University will be given in this article, and as you follow the guides provided here, we wish you success

How to Make First Class in Ghana

Success happens when opportunity meets preparation, but if there is one thing that every student who wants to make First Class needs to do, it is study.

Many scholars believe that the word student is derived from the concept of studying. For most students, the University represents a complete departure from their previous experiences.

The University outperforms lower levels of education in terms of curriculum, physical size, student body, and course difficulty.

Many people suffer from “pseudo-culture shock,” characterized by anxiety, dread, and confusion as a result of the demands of a new workplace. You don’t have to be a knucklehead or a dilettante.

Many students question and inquire about how to make a first-class in Ghana in order to acclimatize and integrate into the university community. This thorough and practical guide will be considered to assist pupils in reaching their full potential.

Secrets of First Class Graduate

Here are guides on How to Make First Class in Ghana

Stay on top of your time

For a student who wants to make First Class, time is quite vital. You must set aside time for your education.

Do not choose a period of time that will make your responsibilities difficult, but whatever you choose, make sure it is adequate and that you stick to it.

Don’t second-guess your decision or yourself.

If you decide to study for five hours per day, stick to your decision without being distracted. Other duties may arise, and you must decide which is your top priority at the time, knowing that you have a goal of making First Class.

Make a daily schedule.

Make a detailed strategy for how each day will be spent and how each hour will be effectively utilized.


While many students lack concentration, if you want to get First Class, you must focus fully on whatever you do with purpose and commitment.

Never allow anything else to consume your energy, especially if it is unimportant or contradictory to your decision.

Select a study location that is convenient for you.

As a student, aiming for First Class entails taking responsibility for your education, creating a conducive learning environment, adhering to a system and a set timetable, and taking tests and examinations seriously.

Accept responsibility for the results of your efforts and work to improve them.

Students in Ghanaian universities frequently blame lecturers for their failures while praising themselves for their accomplishments. Poor students, according to one educator, tend to blame their poor academic performance on factors beyond their control.

This shifting of responsibility is frequently unfair; it is frequently attributable to the student’s laziness, lack of self-motivation, and lack of determination.

Students who want to make First Class take responsibility for their own learning, relying on personal motivation to keep them going and setting clear, tough, but attainable goals.

 Be Deliberate

A First Class student performs better at a task when he/she previously establishes concrete, realistic goals for himself or herself than when he or she just ambitiously but fortuitously strives at the task. Goals help you perform a task with purpose and determination to succeed.