How to Become a Politician in Ghana, 10 Key Things To Do

How to Become a Politician in Ghana, 10 Key Things To Do

This post was created to provide you with the required step-by-step instructions on how to become a politician in Ghana.

There has been significant dissatisfaction with Ghana’s governance in recent years. Many people believe that the majority of the leaders are inept. Complaints, on the other hand, have never solved a problem; the only action has.

You may enter the Ghanaian government process and put your high thoughts into action for the greater benefit.

Who is a politician?

A politician engages in politics as an elected or appointed official of the government. A politician can be involved in governance as a career.

Here are the steps on How to Become a Politician in Ghana:

1. Obtain a political franchise

You must be a member of the Ghanaian electorate to become a politician. To achieve this, register as a legible voter.

Political registration in Ghana is conducted by the Independent Electoral Commission of Ghana. At registration, your bio-data will be obtained and stored in the national electoral database.

You will be given a voter’s card. You should register in your ward of origin. This is because the current electioneering system in Ghana does not allow voting outside one’s voter registration unit.

How to Become a Politician in Ghana
How to Become a Politician in Ghana

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2. Join a Political Party

There are so many political parties in Ghana but the major ones are the New Patriotic Party and National Democratic Congress. You can join any of them to start building your political ambitions. Attend their meetings and be active in their works

3. Identify with your Ward (TESCON , TEIN)

In Ghanaian politics, the ward is the smallest unit of governance. You must identify your ward and get known in your ward.

Political parties also have ward leadership. You will have to be registered in a political party at the ward level. You also need to be actively involved in your ward politics.

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4. Get a political mentor

In Ghanaian politics, who you know is more important than what you know. The term “godfatherism” is all the rage these days.

A godfather, who has more political experience than you, is in the best position to steer your political career in the right path. He makes recommendations to political leaders and gives you advice on how to proceed.

If you’re looking for a political godfather, be sure he’s reputable and trustworthy. Respect other party and constituency leaders in addition to your selected political mentor. They might come in handy during your political career.

5. Volunteer for Party Activities

Political parties frequently hold one or more events. The majority of the time, political parties do not pay their members to participate in these activities.

Volunteer for these political events to advance your career and gain political maturity faster. This introduces you to and familiarizes you with political procedures.

Such actions allow your party’s leaders to see more of you. If you are known for always being involved, you will be given a large duty that will propel you to a higher position sooner rather than later. You will always receive great feedback.

6. Be Politically Informed

Do not be politically illiterate or uninformed. Keep yourself up to date. Pose inquiries. Pay attention to the news. Local and national newspapers should be read. Others will always appreciate you as a result of this if you speak up at meetings to contribute.

You’re also given positive feedback. Keep in mind, however, that you are not obligated to divulge every detail regarding your gathering. Find out when to use your vocal muscles and when to keep quiet.

7. Be involved in community development

If you aspire to hold a political post on behalf of your constituents in Ghana, you must demonstrate your interest for their well-being even before you are elected.

Make connections with landlords and tenants. Demonstrate allegiance to pressure organizations. Join tribal unions if you want to be a part of something bigger. Make your immediate constituency aware of your presence. Make a contribution to the growth of your town. Bring your community’s problem to the attention of the authorities.

8. Build a reputation

You need as much goodwill as possible in your political career. This necessitates the development of a positive reputation. Make a positive impression on your audience. Be self-disciplined and accountable. Make a name for yourself as the person who gets things done.

9. Starting small answers the question of how to become a Politician in Ghana

Begin your political career from the ground up. If you don’t inherit your father’s political loyalty, you’ll have to forge your own.

There is no such thing as a little office that cannot be challenged. When you win a lower-level political race, you become noticed.

You’ll become a force to be reckoned with as time goes on. You don’t just wake up with no political experience to run for a high post like the Senate. You could lose.

10. Develop your communication skill

A good Ghanaian politician should be able to communicate effectively. It’s quite significant. Learn how to pitch your ideas to your political party, then to your constituents. Rhetoric and diplomacy are important skills to have.

Ghana’s political landscape is young and promising. Don’t let yourself down. You can become a politician in Ghana by following the processes indicated.

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