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How to Check and Withdraw Nurse trainee allowance

How to Check and Withdraw Nurse trainee allowance

The Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems Limited has declared that the Government of Ghana (GoG) has paid nursing trainee allowance for the months of January, February, and March of this year.

The allowance is paid based on an approved list obtained from the employer, according to the bank (Ministry of Health).

Receiving a warning from the Ministry of Health about the payments and disbursement of Nursing trainee allowance is one way to review the Nursing trainee allowance. Trainees should be aware that the allowance is paid based on an approved list provided by the employer (Ministry of Health).

The other way to check your Nursing trainee allowance is to go to your local bank, preferably a savings and loan center, and check your ezwich account. The use of e-zwich to disburse trainee allowances is also expected to instill in students the habit of using electronic payment cards, eventually discouraging the over-reliance on cash for transactions.

At the bank, Ask the teller or whoever is in charge to load funds. That process will allow you to see the actual amount paid by the government.

If the allowance has been paid, it will be displayed after the teller at the bank generates the receipts. After you’ve noticed that the funds have been deposited into your Ezwich account, find out here how you can withdraw the allowance without stress.

Current News on Nurses Trainees Allowance 2021


A Technical Committee set up by the President to review the issue of nursing students’ allowances has recommended the payment of an abated allowance with a possibility to migrate them onto the students Loan Scheme.

The payment which will amount to about GHC150 a month is aimed at supporting 34,500 students who are currently pursuing various levels of health professional training across the country.

The payment amount would serve as a bridging mechanism pending the amendment of the Students Loan Trust Act, to enable students in non-tertiary Health Training Institutions access loans to support their education.

Further information will be available at the Health Training Institutions Secretariat.

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