How To Check Your Vodafone

How To Check Your Vodafone ( 2 easy ways )

How To Check Your Vodafone Number; Traditional/ normal Cell phone calls are one of the if not the most used means of communication today. To be able to make a phone call in Ghana, one needs to have a SIM (Subscriber Identify Module) card with a special number allocated to it.

How To Check Your Vodafone in Ghana

In Ghana, every SIM card has a 10 digit special number. This number serves as the unique identity that you will share with anyone whom you want to stay in touch with via phone call. Sometimes, knowing this number off the top of your head is quite a challenge and can lead to embarrassing situations.

This is why Network Providers have provided some easy methods to help their customers in knowing their phone numbers. This article will help you to know the two methods by which you can request for your Vodafone phone number. These methods are;

  • Contacting the Vodafone Customer Care Center
  • By using Shortcode

Now let’s go into the details of each of these methods.

Contacting The Vodafone Call Center

The Vodafone Customer Care Center has all the details of their customers including their registration details, transaction history, airtime balance, and a whole lot of other information. To contact them, follow the steps below;

  • Open your phone’s dial pad (if you’re using a traditional keypad phone, you can start dialing right away)
  • Dial 100 and press the call button to make the call from your unknown Vodafone number
  • Choose your preferred language
  • Follow the voice prompts to speak to one of their agents
  • Request for your phone number.

How To Use Shortcode To Request For Your Number

Follow these steps to check your Vodafone number by shortcode;

  • Dial *127# on your phone’s dial pad.
  • Place the call with your unknown Vodafone number.
  • Your phone number will pop up on the screen after a few seconds.
  • Make sure to write it down or take a screenshot of it for future reference.

You can otherwise call a friend or close relative and let them call out the number that appears on their screens to you. That will be your phone number. Which of these methods is easy and suits you best? Let us know in the comments section. And also, make it a point to share this article to help make everyone’s life easier.

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