How To Easily Unlock The Phone After Forgetting The Password

How To Easily Unlock The Phone After Forgetting The Password

All of us have encountered this situation before. In those days, even if you do not remember your password, pattern or password, you did not set up a fingerprint lock or face lock on your phone. You are desperate and don’ t know what to do. If you reset your phone or ask your friend to try her method, what if I tell you there is a way to release the stress on your phone? Ladies and gentlemen, let’ s get started!

A. Reset your pattern (only for Android 4. 4 or lower version): Note: The first method is applicable to android 4 or lower version with pattern lock.

1. After trying to unlock the phone several times, you will see ” Forgot Password” . Tap ” Forget Pattern” .

2. Enter the username and password of the Google account you previously added to your phone.

3. Reset the screen lock.

B. Method 2: Use Android Device Manager.

Android has a tool that can help you find and remotely wipe a stolen or stolen phone. Normally, in order to maintain security, the phone will be locked by a password, fingerprint or pattern, but please consider the situation where the phone is stolen or someone tries to interfere with the phone. You can only allow Android Device Manager to unlock your Android phone, thus eliminating all your worries and worries. All you have to do is to enable ADM on your phone. ADM can unlock your phone in a short period of time, thus saving you from all troubles.

If you have forgotten your password, ADM can also unlock your password/PIN encrypted phone. The whole process is very simple, because you only need a Google account to set up on your phone, and then you can use any other online device to track the stolen or lost phone, and even erase all the data in it.

Please note the following: Before you lock yourself out of your phone, all you need to do is enable ADM on your phone.

Enabling ADM is fairly easy. You will have to go to google. com/android/devicemanager on your computer and search the list of devices connected to your Google account. Once you get there, you will be able to easily send a notification to the phone that you want to enable the remote password application and wipe. In addition, please ensure the following:

First, ADM must be enabled on the phone before it can be unlocked, etc.

Secondly, the GPS option must be turned on to track your phone with the help of ADM.

Third, the device you want to use for ADM must be connected to the Internet or Wi- Fi to log in to your Google account.

Finally, ADM is not compatible with all Android versions. Currently, it is only compatible with devices running Android 4. 4 and higher, so your phone must be in this category to use ADM.

Now, let’ s move to the main steps:

How to unlock your Android device using Android Device Manager

Step 1. Visit on your computer or any other mobile phone: google. com/android/devicemanager

Step 2. Sign in with the help of the Google login information you used in your locked phone.

Step 3. In the ADM interface, select the device to be unlocked, and then select ” Lock” .

Step 4. Enter a temporary password, and then click ” Lock” again.

Step 5. If the earlier step is a successful step, you will see confirmation below the box with buttons- ring, lock and erase.

Step 6. Now you will be able to see a password field on the phone screen. Enter the temporary password to unlock the phone.

Step 7. Access your phone’ s lock screen settings and disable temporary passwords.

That’ s it! ! Android Device Manager has successfully unlocked your phone.

Now that we have introduced the steps to unlock the phone, let us learn more about how to enable the Android Device Manager on the phone:

Technically, any phone running Android 4. 4 KitKat and higher is considered compatible with ADM, but it does not work by default because you have to make some initial changes to use it. In other words, if you have not enabled ADM before, you need to enable it first. This can be achieved through the following steps:

Enable location access: Go to ” Settings” > ” Location” and turn on the toggle switch. Make sure you select ” High Precision” , as this is considered the best way to find the location of your phone accurately.

Enable security settings: Go to ” Settings” > ” Google” > ” Security” and turn on the ” Remotely locate this device” option. This allows ADM to check the location of your phone. After that, you will have to activate the ” Allow Delete Lock and Wipe” option. This is very useful if you want to wipe your phone completely or lose it.

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