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Very Important Notice : How to know if your beggar is a spirit

How to know if your beggar is a spirit

Very Important Notice : How to know if your beggar is a spirit

The act of begging is a world canker and has been with humanity since creation. It is however very prevalent in African societies.

Religious books such as the Bible has recorded instances of begging. In Act chapter 3, Bible talks about a lame who has spent most of his years at the entrance to the temple begging for alms. He was eventually healed by Peter through the power of God.

There are different categories of beggars. These categories depends on the items they beg for. Some beggars seek food while others seek money. There are also beggars who will accept anything you offer them.

Beggars are mostly people who are physically challenged. They may have walking or sight challenge or any other human deformity.

Beggars are found mostly in cities where they can have access to a very large number of people to beg from.

Some people of late entertain fears with regards to who to offer a helping hand when begged. This is because there is a growing belief that most beggars are spirits beings who want to use what you offer them as a point of contact to torment you spiritually. Other beggars are also perceived to be witches and wizards who send what you offer them to their covens to attack your riches.

How true is the above belief? Most people of the world are religious people. We either belong to Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, African Traditional Religion and many others. All these religions teach us to be generous towards people especially the less privileged ones.

Though the above belief may be true, the God in heaven who we serve enjoins us to be kind on no condition. He is the all-powerful and has assured us in the book of Isaiah 54:16 that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

We however have a duty to educate and equip people who think they cannot be independent with the requisite skills to be able to do something for themselves and stop the begging.How to know if your beggar is a spirit

We therefore have no justification to refuse being kind.

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