How To Let Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer in 2021

How To Let Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer in 2021

It is 2021, and our lifestyle in this 21st century is inseparable from the online world.

With the recent pandemic, more and more existing infrastructure and services are being moved online.

That is, more businesses, more transactions and more work is being done online.

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Aside that, we also use our smartphones for socializing and learning.

Our smartphones these days are very powerful to support our online activities.

But it can become annoying when you are always on the lookout for the nearest socket to charge your smartphone.

You will have stay in a particular position for a while if still insist on using your phone whiles it charges.

This isn’ t fun at all.

How do we get our smartphone battery last longer?

1. Use a mobile phone with a higher battery capacity.

This is self- explanatory; If you want your smartphone to last longer with continuous usage, it is very wise to invest in a phone with a high battery capacity.How To Let Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer in 2021

Do not go for cheap phones.

2. Use ” smart” phones and ” smart” apps.

Even when you have a good battery, if the phone’ s processes are not optimized for efficient running, it will still waste the battery power.

This is just like giving money to an unwise person, he’ ll only squander it all and become poor again.

” Smart” phones purposefully ensure that they use the minimum amount of battery power for operations.

Smart apps are apps you can install which help the system perform effectively battery- wise.

These apps can automatically close background apps and processes in order to reduce power consumption.

3. Reduce Screen- time.

Most of the battery power is used to light up the screen/display.

You can check it out for yourself in the phone’ s settings.

To let your battery last longer, keep the backlight timeout to minimum.

By timeout we mean how long it takes for the screen to go off when the smartphone is not in use.

Anything beyond 1 minute is too much and is draining your battery.

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