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Simple ways on how to never lose a bet,Ghana ,Nigeria,Africa

Simple ways on how to never lose a bet,Ghana ,Nigeria,Africa

Are you a sports betting addict? Do you want to win big from just placing a bet? Do you want to know how to play bet and win? Then this article is for you.

Betting in sports means predicting by placing your money at risk so that you might win when the outcome favours you. In betting, there are varieties of sport where you can place your bet. They range from football, basketball, boxing, tennis, cycling, virtual sport, and even dog racing.

Betting is now possible for you to place your bet online without having to visit their shops. You can access the various betting websites through your internet-enabled phone or a pc. Since betting is not considered an illegal hustle in the world, people now venture into it as a means of adding to their income. People flood betting shops daily to place their bets, hoping to win.

For you to win while placing bets, you should do the following.

Look for better odds rather than seeking to place bets on a large number of games

The majority of the people I know fall into this trap; they prefer their bet slip tickets to be very long. Though there is an adage that says one should not put all your eggs in one basket, even at that, it does not mean you will need one basket for each egg. Try and reduce the number of games you place bets on. Instead, focus on placing bets on games with high odds. Trust me; if this can be done, you would be winning regularly.

Engage in running ticket if your games are too much

If you are the type that plays long tickets, you must make it a running one. In any case, it simply means that your ticket should be played every time in days or weeks, as the case may be. This way, you would be able to select sure games.

Be ever conscious on the team or sport you place your bet in

For you to win on bet, you must be able to do a proper check up on the teams you decide to place your bet on. Check their records, games, and so on before diving in to place your bets. Your bets placed should be determined from their recent run of results.

Place bets on goals if you opt for soccer games

Placing bets on the number of goals is the safest and reliable option if you wish to place bets on soccer games. You are more likely to win if this is fulfilled.

Do not be greedy

Yes, if you are not greedy, the chances to win and not lose your money would be high. Create a routine on how many times you would place your bets every month. If you decide to place bets every day, you are only doing it at your own risk because it is you that will face the results afterward.

Gamble responsibly and place your bets on the sports you feel you have knowledge about. Do not spend all your hard-earned money on sports betting, and limit your spending. If you are lucky, you will make it big in sports betting.

Follow Top Tipsters on Twitter

There are several top tipsters that every punter should follow on Twitter. These guys are so experienced that they win lots of money in almost every single game that they play. I have been following lots of them, and the result is that my account got fatter and better.

So I advise you to go ahead and look for some twitter betting influencers and start following them to get their games. If you are on Twitter, you can go ahead and follow @J_asmine. She is one of the best punters out there.

Collect a Game, Modify it

This is one of the cheats to win bet. Once I collect a game from any source, I will modify it into two places; the first one would be the original game (which I believe will enter), then the second one will be the modified version.

This will help me have hopes from two places, just if one of the games cut; I will use the other one to recover my money.

Always have a recovery game

It is always good to play two games if you want to play bet and win. The first one should be the game that you want to use and win a good amount of money, while the second one would be the game that would help you recover money just in case the first game casts.

Since the arrival of betting in Ghana, lots of Ghanaians have been smiling at the bank. Despite the fun of making money from betting, many miss out because they do not know how to win bet.

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