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How To Renew Your NHIS Membership Card On Phone

How To Renew Your NHIS Membership Card On Phone

The National Health Insurance Scheme membership has introduced the mobile renewal service. It allows members to renew their membership without any much hassle.

This is because the government has successfully deployed the NHIS Mobile Renewal Service in all districts across the country. You can access it and renew your NHIS membership just by dialing code from any phone network.

The Mobile Renewal Service takes away the time-wasting periods and other inconveniences at NHIS District Offices when going for renewals. in this publication will teach you how to how to renew your NHIS membership card online or by visiting the Centre.

Instructions on Nhis Renewal

Membership is valid for one year after registering for NHIS card.

Members are therefore required to renew their membership every year.

Members are advised to renew their membership within three months of expiring.

Members who fail to renew their membership after one year will have their card deactivated. Also, those who fail to renew their card after 3 to months after expiry shall be treated as defaults.

Default era shall serve one month waiting period before accessing healthcare under NHIS, except for pregnant women and children under 5 years old.

The membership card of all categories of members expires after five years. Membership card shall therefore be replaced once every five years

How To Renew Your NHIS Membership

There are two ways of you renewing your membership card. Either by visiting the center for registration or through your mobile phone.

How To Renew Your NHIS Membership Card On Phone
How To Renew Your NHIS Membership Card On Phone

Ghanaians without NHIS card are committing an offence Dr Dsane-Selby

Renew Your NHIS Membership Card by Visiting Your District Office

At the renewal center, the NHIS District officer will fill out the following details;

  • Full Name – If there is change of name there should be legal evidence of change of name, e.g Marriage certificate, affidavit,
  • Date of Birth
  • NHIS unique member number
  • Contact Number
  • Residential address
  • Biometric information
National Health Insurance Scheme
National Health Insurance Scheme

Steps To Renew Your NHIS Membership Online

  1. Dial *929#
  2. Select Option 2
  3. Select NHIS Card
  4. Enter the 8 Digit Membership Number
  5. Press Send
  6. Follow the instruction for payment

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