How to Send and withdraw money on MTN MoMo

MTN MoMo is a platform that enables customers to receive payments and services using MTN Mobile Money. One can send money via MoMo to Ghana or within their locality to facilitate their living, traveling, or working expenses.In our today’s publication, will take you through how to send and withdraw money on MTN MoMo .How does a person send money on mtn card


The recipient should possess a MoMo account, which is a platform channeled to their MTN sim card for him to receive the money. He can pay for goods and services, transportation, and household bills. In addition, the recipient can also withdraw the money.

How to send MoMo using MTN shortcode

  • Dial *170# on your mobile phone dialer
  • Choose transfer money.
  • Select MoMo user(i.e if the person is a registered MoMo user).
  • Enter the phone number and repeat the step.
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Type the reference number
  • Confirm the recipient information and enter your MoMo pin.
  • Then click send to transfer the money.
    After the process, you will be prompted via SMS containing details of your transactions.


Using the MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) application

  • Download and install the MTN MoMo app via the play store for Android users or the app store for iOS users.
  • Sign up with your MTN MoMo credentials
  • Locate the dashboard and select MoMo service
  • Enter your MoMo pin in the space displayed on the app.
  • Select transfer of money
  • If the recipient is a MoMo user, choose MoMo user
  • Enter the number in the space provided
  • Type in the specific amount you want to send
  • Also, type the reference number and click send or transfer.
  • After the procedure, you will receive an SMS containing details of your transfer.


How to withdraw MoMo via Shortcode

Before one can withdraw money via MTN, you should possess a valid Identification card(ie Ghana card, voters’ ID, Drivers’ ID, or Passport) used in your MoMo registration process. The following are the steps :

  • Go to a nearby MTN MoMo merchant.
  • Dial *170# on your phone dialer
  • Select Allow cashout on the pop-up and choose Yes.
  • Give the merchant your MoMo number and
  • Identification card used in the registration process.
  • Mention the amount you will be withdrawing.
  • After the merchant is done with the process, wait for a pop-up on your phone and enter your MoMo pin.
  • Once your withdrawal is confirmed by the merchant, you will receive your money instantly.
How to Send and withdraw money on MTN MoMo
How to Send and withdraw money on MTN MoMo

How to withdraw money using the MTN MoMo app

  • Login to the MTN app
  • Select MoMo service on the dashboard
  • Choose Cashout
  • Confirm your request by allowing cashout and click done
  • Give your MoMo number, amount withdrawing, and Identification card to the merchant.
  • The Merchant will issue a command at his end for you to enter your MoMo pin.
  • Enter the MoMo pin and proceed to confirm payment.
  • You will receive a message shortly consisting of your transaction details.
    After the message, the merchant will give you the amount request instantly.



You have to take along your Identification card anytime you want to make a withdrawal. Don’t disclose your MTN MoMo pin to anyone including the MoMo agent or merchant to avoid theft.

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