How to Start Your Own Weavon Business in Ghana

This article will cover how to start a Weavon business in Ghana. This is to assist you in carrying out your weavon business plan. They say that looking good is good business. Ladies want to appear their best at all times. Dealing with one of those items can help you join the hunt for good looks. Weavon is the thing in question.

Hair extensions, as well as weavon or weave-on, are in high demand in Ghana right now. Dealing in weavon is a very profitable business because women’s need for it is constant. The company does not require a lot of funding.

The following are some tips on how to start a weavon business in Ghana:

1. Conduct a feasibility assessment on the weavon industry.

Conduct a feasibility analysis before beginning to sell hair extensions and weaves in Ghana to determine how profitable the business is in your area.

It’s important to know the type of hair extension to sell in addition to determining the profitability of the business. Hair extensions are utilized by Nigerian women in a variety of ways. Human hair and synthetic hair are both available.

How To Start A Hair Extensions Business For FREE
How To Start A Hair Extensions Business For FREE

a. The human hair used in this product is genuine human hair.

Humans are used to making it in nations like Brazil, India, and Peru. Brazilian hair is in high demand in Ghana in general. It’s always soft and fluffy, curled, and lasts a long time. Human hair can be curled, dyed, and straightened to achieve a more attractive appearance. It’s the most expensive hair extension on the market.

b. Synthetic hair is made in a lab.

Plastic fibers are used to make it. It is far less expensive than a human hair. Synthetic hair extensions, often known as weave-ons, are pre-styled and colored. It does, however, come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and styles. Each hair extension type’s pricing is influenced by its length, color, and texture. When you’re setting up your weavon shop, keep this information in mind.

The quantity of money you’ll need to open your weave in the shop should also be included in your feasibility study.

Depending on how much money you have, you can begin with a huge investment. You shouldn’t create a big store in a small town where just a few women buy hair extensions.

How to Start Your Own Weavon Business in Ghana
How to Start Your Own Weavon Business in Ghana

2. Set up your store

Get a large store to stock your hair extensions in. Fill the shop to the maximum capacity of your funds. If you want to grow your inventory, you should pick a shop that permits for expansion.

Put up as many varieties of a weave as possible. Your price should not be too high at the initial time so as to fetch you more customers. Network with other weavon dealers to know where to get good supply at cheaper rates.

A school setting is the greatest location for your weave-on business. There is a large concentration of young ladies in this type of atmosphere. As a result, the size of your consumer base expands. You have the option of selling wholesale and retail stock.

Selling retail is also a wonderful way to get money. You can cut and restyle the hair extensions to match your customers’ needs and preferences.

Develop a positive relationship with the large-scale vendors from whom you purchase. They will provide you with various deals. The more you buy from them, the more souvenirs you’ll receive in exchange for your purchases. If you’re selling hair extensions and weave-ons in Ghana, it’s a good idea to include other hair items.

Other items are purchased by Weavon buyers. Good luck with your weavon sale.

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