How To Use Palm Fruit To Treat Cancer, Viruses And Waist Pain

How To Use Palm Fruit To Treat Cancer, Viruses And Waist Pain

How To Use Palm Fruit To Treat Cancer, Viruses And Waist Pain

Palm fruits is a type of fruits which has many uses and cures many diseases especially viruses and any form of diseases. All what we know about Palm fruits if the consuming method how to only feed on it but never knew about the health aspects.

Palm fruits contains a lot of works or things in it.

It can be used as soup, getting Palm wine, mushrooms, oil and many more which is also delicious during to the consuming aspect.

I have though or showed people how to prevent diseases with many herbs including physical and spiritual aspects.

Palm fee hit is really good and healthy to our health which protect us from many diseases when taken into the body.

Without wasting much time let’ s go to the aim of the article and see how we can protect ourselves from harmful diseases.

Let’ s take a look at some of the benefits of Palm fruits when it comes to health.

Some of the benefits are as follows,

1) Palm fruits boost your immune systems

2) it fights against any form of viruses

3) it cures cancer

4) treats kidney stones

5) gives retentive memory

6) gives you good eyesight or clear vision

7) it works on the palpitations of the heat

8) treats cholesterol

9) treats against waist pains

10) cures any bone related problems

11) it reduces uric acid

12) the unripe palm fruits terminated against fibroids within thirty(30) days.

Method to use for the fibroid treatment is that, chew the unripe palm fruits of 20pieces per day.

13) fights against any infections or bacterials in the system.

That are the benefits of Palm fruits which we don’ t actually know, now let’ s look at how to cure them or the methods to be used.

This method is really simple and no need to boil it.

Methods or procedures to follow.

Without boiling, pound some quantity on Palm fruit, extract the oil and store it in a container.

Take halo of small disposable cup in the morning with an empty stomach and half in the evening 30minutes before you sleep.

Method 2:How To Use Palm Fruit To Treat Cancer, Viruses And Waist Pain

If you want you can just chew 5_6 Palm nut ( not the kernel or the endocarp but the mesocarp and exocarp) every morning and evening 30minutes before you sleep.


Don’t boil the palm nut otherwise it will not be effective any longer.

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