Find Out If She Had An 0rgasm: Sure Signs That It Happened!

Find Out If She Had An 0rgasm: Sure Signs That It Happened!

Find Out If She Had An 0rgasm: Sure Signs That It Happened!

Women are very notorious for faking 0rgasms but they all have reasons why they do that. You can’t really blame them though. Anyways, here are some sure signs to tell if she had an 0rgasms:Find Out If She Had An orgasm: Sure Signs That It Happened!

#1 You Will Feel Her Walls Contract

Just before she is about to reach the big O, her vaginal walls contract and begin to tighten. So if you’re inside her or have your finger inside her, you’ll surely get to know, if you pay proper attention. You may not feel the contractions if she’s too wet.

#2 Her Heart beats a lot faster

When a woman has an 0rgasm, you can feel her heart rate increase. You will feel it when you place your hands on her chest.

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#3 Her Body Tenses Up

When we talk this, you should feel her legs and arms clenching while she digs her nails into your body. Sometimes she might pull you closer and hold you tightly.

#4 Notice Her Eyes

Always look into her eyes. When she has an 0rgasm, her pupils will dilate and her eyes will be unfocused until she finishes her orgasm. That is certainly one of the best views to watch.

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#5 Notice Her Skin

When a woman orgasms, her skin becomes tender and reddens a bit due to the rush of blood her body is experiencing. So if you see she is pale after s3x you need to work a bit harder next time.


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