If You Are Used To Watching Blue Films, Then Take Note Of This Important Information

If You Are Used To Watching Blue Films, Then Take Note Of This Important Information

Watching blue films now is a normal thing to some people. Infact many blue films are now watched in groups where you see friends watching them together which is surprising because if you want to commit sin, it should be done in private then and not in public.

Not only adults now but also teenagers are now watching blue films since technology is now open to all. Those times when children and teenagers didn’t have access to phones, cyber crimes were not much and watching blue films was not really accessible.

Have you ever wondered how watching blue films could affect you both physically, emotionally, psychologically and even spiritually. Infact it could affect all areas of your life like your academics, your relationship with God and even your relationship with your family and friends.

I’m sure you’re wondering how it could affect all these areas but not to worry I’ll be talking about that and also I’ll be telling you what to do to not get addicted to blue films and what to do if you’re already addicted to it.

1. Academically; Blue films could affect your academics because most times when you’re reading or kearning, the scene from what you watched keeps playing in your head that you forget you’re learning and start remembering what you saw in the blue films.

2. Spiritually; Blue films can affect your spiritual life with God. When you want to pray you find yourself remembering the scenes from what you watched. You are no longer focused and your prayer life has dropped.

3. Psychologically; You are always lost in thoughts. Any object you see reminds you of what you watched. Even your conversations with friends now contain some vulgar words used in the movies.

Now I’ll be telling you what to do to help you overcome the addiction of blue films

1. Remember your academics and spiritual life comes first before anything;

Anytime you want to watch a movie, remember it will affect these two things that are more important than any other thing. Think of your relationship with God and you could find that urge going away.

2. Remove any alluring pictures and try to avoid sites that will have blue films ads on it. Instead find other movies to watch that do not contain any vulgar scenes.

3. Always try to be around people and don’t be idle;

Try to be around friends that are healthy and not toxic to you. Also avoid being alone and always have something doing that could occupy your mind and thoughts anytime the thought of watching a blue film pops up in your mind.

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4. Pray to God for help to stop and overcome the addiction;

God is the only one who has control over the mind and a things. Constantly praying to him about the addiction will help you overcome it.

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