Clearly people are much concerned about these novel corona virus. A lot of misconception spreading on social media outlets that corona virus (COVID 19) can be gotten from poultry birds.

Reading THE ECONOMIC TIMES, has revealed that people are even opting for Jackfruit in place of chicken due to corona virus scare.

Then also on 24th march 2020, TOTALLY VEGAN BUZZ published that “In just one month, chicken sales in India have dropped more than 50 percent and prices by 70 per cent as consumers grow wary of eating meat products amid the corona virus pandemic”. Well let see, Corona Virus is not a new thing in the system, it has been in existence for decades but it affects animals especially poultry birds.

Corona virus in poultry/avian causes respiratory disease and is not transmittable from animals to humans. But it causes some disease like Infectious bronchitis (IB) in poultry birds. But the Novel corona virus disease 2019 (COVID 19) is a new strain of virus that is found in humans and it’s new in the system.

This COVID 19 is transmittable from one person to the another by body/close contact and through cough when there is a droplets in the cough Meaning if there is no droplets in the cough of the infected person one cannot get it since it is not a communicable disease and airborne disease.

I must reiterate that corona virus is not new but novel corona virus disease 2019 (COVID 19) is the new strain of virus. Therefore it is imperative for us not to grow wary of eating poultry especially chicken because it safe for human consumption since it has it own type of corona virus and can’t be transfered from animals to humans.

Godfred K. Kwofie
B.ed Agriculture, UDS

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