Junior High School ,National Science and Maths Quiz “MAIDEN EDITION”Begins ….

The NSMQ quiz has been in existence for some time. It started with the Name BRILLIANT SCIENCE AND MATHS QUIZ and was participated by certain selected Senior High Schools.

Later, the event became more demanded and got more corporate organisation an NGOs to sponsor and support an event. Now, it is one of the biggest Educational events in Ghana now. It is now open to all senior high schools in Ghana now. It starts from the Regional level and Climaxed on the National level.

Currently, NSMQ’2019 is underway. Heading to the Finals stage.

Today, 28th June 2019, The maiden Edition of the #JNSMQ (Junior National Science and Maths Quiz) begun at the COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AUDITORIUM, KNUST. This Edition targets brilliant people from various Junior High schools.[irp]

From reports, the maiden edition participating schools were by selection. Also, this is targetted to give the students some more experience before they get to SHS. Also, this is geared to improve the skills, science knowledge and maths solving speed among students in the Junior High School level.[irp]

Approved by GES, corporate bodies sponsoring hopes this Junior High National Science and Maths Quiz, has come to stay!

Report by: Brittle |hypeghnewsroom.com

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