GIJ SRC Withdraws Participation From NUGS Congress

Just In : GIJ SRC Withdraws Participation From NUGS Congress

The Ghana Institute of Journalism Students’ Representative Council (GIJSRC) will this year not participate in the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) Congress scheduled to take place Monday, May 3, 2021, at the Madina Institute of Science and Technology.

A statement from the GIJ SRC indicated that “at a General Assembly meeting held on the 1st of May 2021, a decision, based on consensus, was taken to the effect that the Ghana Institute of Journalism Students’ Representative Council (GIJ-SRC) cannot be present at this year’s National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) congress”.

It further explained that the Executive Committee of GIJ SRC presented to the General Assembly a proposal whether the Executive Committee will be permitted to participate in the NUGS Congress, however, the General Assembly, by consensus, did “not to approve the participation of GIJ-SRC in this year’s NUGS congress.”

The General Assembly lamented the ineffectiveness of the local chapter of NUGS on its campus, adding that it has not been benefitting from the mother body of all student unions in Ghana.

“General Assembly has realized that GIJ-SRC has not fully benefited from NUGS because there is no policy document outlining, guiding, and detailing the vision and mission of the External Affairs Commission (Local NUGS) of the GIJ-SRC.

“The activities of the External Affairs Commission, over the years, has been limited to the provision of birth certificates and passport while voting at NUGS congresses without a clear-cut strategy on how GIJ-SRC will benefit from this. The dissatisfaction of the General Assembly regarding the operations of Local NUGS over the past few years is what has led to this” part of the statement read.

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It has thus advised the Executive Committee of GIJ SRC to “use this opportunity to officially table before the union, series of grievances that the GIJ-SRC has with NUGS to reach an amicable solution”.

Meanwhile, GIJ SRC has cautioned executives of NUGS and the Central Committee to be wary of persons who may try to impersonate them at the Congress.

“We want to use this opportunity to encourage the Central Committee and NUGS executives to remain vigilant and report any individual or group who impersonate GIJ-SRC at the congress. This reminder has become necessary because we have received information that there are some individuals who are going round in the name of GIJ-SRC seeking funds.

”We have commenced processes to use the appropriate channel to apprehend these individuals. It is for that reason that we crave your indulgence not to allow anyone impersonates GIJSRC at the congress. We call on all delegates to remain vigilant too,” the statement added.

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