JUST IN: KNUST First year Student reportedly Dead after being rushed to the clinic at midnight

Information reaching Hypeghnewsroom.com indicates that a first year KNUST student has passed away a night to his midsemester exams final paper.Dzakpassu Octave Delanyo is his name, “Dela” which is the popular name people call him is a member of INDEPENDENCE HALL ,Room 120 East wing who studies Materials Engineering. According to reports, he was complaining of headache and dizziness on wednesday after a paper he wrote and decided to sleep and wake up at midnight to continue his studies.

Dela started complaining of a severe heart pains after his roommates woke him to Study.He was immediately rushed to the Campus clinic that midnight..It was reported just this friday morning that he died during treatment due to alleged heart problem..
Hypeghnewsroom promises to bring more info. On the story!! Stay tuned
More photos of Dela below;

Source: Reindolf|hypeghnewsrom|