Home UDS JUST IN: UDS Final Year student Allegedly attempts suicide .

JUST IN: UDS Final Year student Allegedly attempts suicide .

UDS Final Year student Allegedly attempts suicide

A final year student was found today in his room lying unconscious and was rushed to the University of Development Studies, Wa campus Hospital.

News gathered by Hypeghnewsroom.com shows that, Kofi Bless is a final year student of the University of Development studies reading Banking and Finance. Kofi is a friend to a girl called Mimi who is also a final year Banking and Finance student.

Mimi was said to be the girlfriend to one lecturer (whose name cannot be disclosed) who also happens to be the project work supervisor for the final years.


Kofi Bless borrowed an amount of 300Ghc from Mimi sometime ago and promised to pay but due to certain undisclosed problems, Kofi couldn’t pay on the time due.

Mimi reported the case to the lecturer to intervene for her to get the money. The lecturer invited Kofi to his office and confronted him to immediately do whatever he can to pay back Mimi’s money if he wants to Graduate happily, according to Hypeghnewsroom.com reporter.

From Hypeghnewsroom.com sources, the lecturer sometimes playfully tells Kofi in the presence of other students that if he doesn’t pay the money, He won’t graduate. Kofi took it as a joke.

Heading to the time for the final years to present their project work, Mimi told the lecturer about Kofi’s unwillingness to pay the money. Kofi was invited again to His office again on a Friday.

From sources, at the office in the presence of Kofi’s colleagues, Kofi was told by the lecturer to go and bring his Parents and Kofi then promised he will pay the money on the following Monday because he has one guy who owes him and is ready to pay.

Reportedly, the lecturer called Kofi on that Monday several times on phone but couldn’t pick up due to sources saying, He was at the gym. The lecturer told Kofi’s colleagues about this and described it as a disrespectful act. Kofi received threats and warnings from the lecturer reminding him if He doesn’t pay back the money “He will make sure he doesn’t graduate and will trail him on his Project Work.

Kofi couldn’t pay because the guy who owes him also failed to pay him. So he couldn’t cover the debt till the presentation was over.


Kofi Bless, from hypeghnewsroom.com sources, is an orphan who hustles with the help of his sister to pay His school fees. His supporting sister upon hearing this got fed up and did not bother to go the school on the invite of the lecturer.

Kofi wrote apology letter and petitions pleading the lecturer not to trail him.

Friday 28th July 2019 the results were released and the Group members to which Kofi did his project work with all got a pass mark but Kofi only failed with 38% mark.

It is Alleged that lecturer Deliberately trailed Kofi Bless due to the issue.

From colleagues, Kofi became depressed and so sad about his results because he can’t graduate.

The following morning Kofi was seen lying unconscious in his room by some friends surrounded by some poisonous bottles. He tried to commit suicide.

He was rushed immediately to the Campus Hospital. He is currently under treatment at the University of Development Studies, Wa Campus, Hospital.

Source: hypeghnewsroom.com

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