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Kanye West is appearing on Presidential Ballot in Ohio, West Virginia, and Arkansas

Rapper and fashion mogul Kanye West is competing for Ohio’s, West Virginia’s, and Arkansas’ presidential vote ahead of the November election. The deadline for appearances on the Ohio presidential ballot is Wednesday.

Kanye West would require 5,000 signatures by 5:00 p.m. Wednesday to qualify for Ohio’s presidential vote, according to the TMZ survey.

The article reported that the Grammy-winning rapper had hired Let the Voters Decide to help collect the requisite number of signatures in the three states โ€” Ohio, West Virginia, and Arkansas โ€” and that West had more than 90 people covering Ohio attempting to amass the needed signatures by Wednesday.

A source told TMZ that Let the Voters Decide is confident that they will succeed in collecting the appropriate amount of signatures needed in time to qualify for the Ohio presidential ballot. Ohio is one of four swing states that is considered a significant factor in presidential elections. The state has 16 electoral college votes, the seventh largest election college vote in the nation.

Last month, West paid $35,000 to win his seat in Oklahoma’s presidential election just in time for November’s presidential election. The singer, Jesus Is King, has also filed a paperwork to appear on presidential ballots in New York, Kansas, and Illinois.
West announced its decision to run for President of the United States less than two weeks earlier, on 4 July.

Since then, West has spoken out against Planned Parenthood and its abortion policies and supported the legalization of marijuana.

The billionaire fashion designer filed a petition of the “Kanye 2020” presidential committee with the Federal Election Commission ( FEC) and his Declaration of Candidacy petition allegedly lists his party affiliation as “BDY,” which stands for “Birthday Party.”
Recently, West declared, “I can beat Joe Biden off writing-ins.”

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