Knust academic board bans gambling/betting on campus

KNUST Academic Board reinforces measures to restrain any form of indiscipline on campus which includes banning of gambling among students which have been reported to be on a rise.

The Academic Board after it’s the first meeting, made a declaration of measures which will take immediate effect in the 2019/2020 academic year.

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Gambling among students is banned. Students found culpable will be rusticated for one year. The UITS is to block all betting websites.

After the Academic Board meeting(Part I), the authorities stated

1. Allowances for examinations officers have been doubled effective 2019/2020 academic year.

2. The University or any of its organs will not accept any donation or sponsorship from any betting company.

3. Students who use the University’s Wi-Fi for betting activities are advised to put an end to it for their own good. students found culpable will be rusticated for a year.

4. A committee has been set up to streamline the use of dues collected by students’ associations.

5. All university forms for various applications are to be reviewed.

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