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KNUST ELECTION ROOM:Derek Kweku (Ahaban)-Former SRC Chief of Staff Fires “ELECTION WATCH”


A write up by one Kierra Nana Ama Purple, A third year Business Administration student which seemed to attack the motive behind  the flyer labelled “BIIBI BA, 31st DECEMBER 2018” and the personality cum candidacy of one aspirant, Adu-Baah Charles has risen many  questionable eyebrows of the KNUST society.


A concerned old student, Derek Kweku  (Ahaban)- Former Chief of Staff to  Boakye Nyamekye Isaac (BNI) – Former SRC President in a write up, also expressed his displeasure and concern towards the supposed “scrupulous” body-  Election Watch, in whose name the earlier invidious write up was made.
He stated, “In this piece, I hope to express “big” ideas, ideas which I think are important and generally underemphasized in society. Ideas which writers of Election Watch obviously need as we proceed to campus election this year.

I have lived with about 4,800 books.  I started gaining them at early age, with the goal of better understanding the world and everything in it – well, as much as I could digest.  My upbringing and education, especially in high school, reinforced my desire to seek out the facts and understand the world around me through them.”

Continuing, Derek brought to the attention of students two “mindsets” that he termed dehumanising to the populace. One, Motive doubt or cynicism and two, False dichotomies which he explained subsequently.

“Too often I hear people especially Election Watch writers say about those with whom they disagree, “They are cheats and liars; they have a hidden agenda. They can’t really believe what they are saying.”  It does not matter whether one assails “giant corporations” or “left-wingers” or any other group, it seems easy to think they have ulterior, evil motives. And this is evident in the article you released on the 1st of January, 2019 titled “BIIBI ABA?”.”

“So now Election Watch Writers  want us to believe that it is “us vs. them”. I find this to be another dangerous strategy for comprehending the world around us.
Moving into campus election this year, we will find more and more journalists and activists who can generate controversy, buzz, and bigger audiences by maximizing the differences between us.  Election Watch has set the pace already: ABC is not your choice of candidate for the Src Presidency.”

He ended by saying;
“It was very unfortunate to read such an article on a purported basis that the said aspirant(ADU BAAH CHARLES) caused fear and panic among the students.

Add professionalism to your write ups; Be circumspect in your reportage.

None of us is perfect.  Each of us is here for a reason.  Each of our strengths has its balancing weakness.

At least that’s my take as we enter another election  year – may your 2019 be  the best yet!”



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