KNUST First Year Student Files For Injunction On The Interim SRC Council

KNUST First Year Student Files For Injunction On The Interim SRC Council

It seems the decision to let the current SRC executives act as an interim council by the Executive Instrument issued by current President, Adu Baah- Charles, didn’t go down well with some students. Many are those who argued that the decision was not favorable.

Some people too were of the view that, statistically, many students want to vote, thus, the decision to withhold the election was not on the right course as an online voting could be the best option.

Knust First Year Student

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It is also believed the current President didn’t consult any stakeholder of the election and went on to make such decision, thus, he used his veto power to oppress the electorates. Others as well, have tagged the current SRC as greedy and selfish, as such, don’t take students request into consideration.

One of such critiques happens to be first year student, Boakye- Dankwah Asare, reading BSc Agriculture. He just didn’t pour out his cry but has gone further to petition the Superior Court of Judicature of the SRC Judicial council, to put an injunction on the recently formed interim SRC council. Knust First Year Student

According to him, the decision made by the SRC president is not backed by the Constitution and therefore the current president has no power to use that Executive Instrument. He therefore prays the court to declare the decision as; null, void and unconstitutional.

He further states it is a breach of the Constitution.

This comes after the current SRC council led by Master Adu Baah- Charles issued a statement on the 3rd of July, to act as an interim council until a proper election is held when a school is in full operation. This has called for worry and unrest as many electorates registered their displeasure.

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