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KNUST: Katanga Hall March against COVID-19, an Affirmation of Positive Dynamism

KNUST: Katanga Hall March against COVID-19, an Affirmation of Positive Dynamism

On Friday, 5th February 2021, the University Hall – Katanga members took to the streets to create an intensive awareness about the need to mask-up and practice all the COVID-19 safety protocols on KNUST campus

Moving out in numbers under their usual FC Friday night, the constituents of the hall were holding banners and flags entreating people to respect the safety protocols and protect the lives and interest of all


FC Friday is a Flagship program that was instituted by the University Hall, Katanga for addressing social issues bothering students both in KNUST and Ghana as a whole. It’s coming into being was pushed for owing to reforms in the University Rule about embarking on a procession.

The leadership of the hall had to think of a way to clear off such tags and also address issues bothering students nationwide and this brought the birth of the FC Friday in October 2017.

Katanga Hall

Katanga on an Educational March

The first edition was necessitated at a time when suicide was becoming rampant in the University campus with people mocking the menace with a “TERTIARY SUICIDE CHALLENGE”. The whole KNUST was brought to a standstill when Katangees stepped out.

Gently dressed in white shirts, black trousers, ties and the yellow and black Katanga arm band for the call of duty to create awareness of the need to end suicide and at the same time, went for a decent procession.

Katanga Hall March against COVID-19

The FC Friday is one thing that Katangees committed all they had, to make a change in our society and its fruits are there to witness.