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KNUST now having a world standard e-learning site, arguably.

KNUST now having a world standard e-learning site, arguably.

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology,KNUST, is the public university established in the country, as well as the largest university in the Kumasi Metropolis and in the Ashanti Region.

Online Exams, Video Chat and Conferencing as well as Webroom conference are among the new features added to the site to make it very useful.

This was revealed at an Academic Board Meeting on May 4, 2020, there was a decision for end-of-semester assessment to be based on student average score of three to five written assignments per course.

“Because of the coronavirus outbreak leading to the subsequent closure of the universities, we decided to digitize our system and then also bring our students to our virtual classroom to learn, before then it was used by only the distant learning students but it became necessary that we migrate all the regular students to also have their studies or complete the semester online,’’

“So we had to install new servers because the old servers were not big enough to accommodate over sixty-five thousand students of KNUST. Now you’ll realize that we have brought the entire university to our virtual space and we have now nine features before then we had only the virtual classroom. Once you are a student and you have your username and password you just log on, everything is there for students for free,”

Deputy Director at the Institute of Distance Learning, Dr. Ahmed Agyapong in KNUST said.

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